Throwback Thursday: Kona Kai

We’re going far back with this post, all the way to August of the year 2014.

This post is about you Greater Seattle FANHS, and the time we had at the Kona Kai Resort for the national conference. There was a large contingent of us from Seattle for the conference. See the Storify below to travel down summer memory lane.

FANHS 2014 National Conference

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Thanks for FAHM2014 everyone!  TBT posts will convert to a monthly series.

Greater Seattle FANHS members attend FANHS 2014 National Conference

Approximately 32 conference delegates from Greater Seattle attended the FANHS National Conference in San Diego, CA. The 2014 conference theme is “KAPWA: Moving Forward in Unity.”  KAPWA: Moving Forward in Unity is meant to encourage Filipino Americans to develop a collective consciousness and work together on issues that benefit not only the Filipino community but the community at large. Seattle was also well represented in the FANHS program.

Video by Mary Joyce York Caballes highlighting the conference

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