Food and Memories: Historical Cookbook

Christmas and New Year’s have passed and most of you have indulged in your favorite dishes and shared family stories. Such experiences are representative of what it means to be Filipino American and we invite you to share those stories and recipes in the Greater Seattle FANHS Chapter historical cookbook.

To submit a story and recipe, fill out our survey.

Please share the flyer with your family, friends, and community! We are looking for all sorts of recipes from different generations. Most importantly, we are looking for the stories that made those meals so important to you.



Filipino American Historical Cookbook project

This year FANHS Seattle will publish a cookbook featuring the history of Filipinos in Seattle and the food we love to eat. From the pensionados, Alaskeros, to post-1965 professionals, family recipes transformed and new dishes integrated into the family cookbook.  We will be collecting stories that illustrate how family meals represent the Filipino American experience in Seattle.

More information to come.