Campus Housing Update (Last update: August 10)


Upon arrival guests should check in at the front desk of Bellarmine. Conference Assistants are available at the front desk starting at 1pm.


Either park in the Murphy Garage, or the Main Campus Parking Lot (in front of Pigott).


There are conference assistants at the front desk of Bellarmine Hall (BELL in the map) until 11 PM. If you are arriving after 11 PM, there are numbers posted on the building doors for you to call someone who can assist you. It is the after-hours public safety number: 206-296-5990.

Seattle University Map:


Murphy Garage (11th and E Cherry St)
11th Ave
Seattle, WA

Pigott Auditorium
901 12th Ave

Bellarmine Hall
1111 E Columbia St
Seattle, WA 98122

A limited amount of campus housing is available at Seattle University. You may add campus housing to your registration on Eventbrite. Conference attendees may stay in Campus Housing as early as August 8.

6 nights: August 8-14
5 nights: August 9-14
4 nights: August 10-14
3 nights: August 11-14

Please Note:
Conference attendees under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay at Seattle University campus housing.

Email Confirmation: All conference attendees who register to stay in Campus Housing will receive an email at the end of July confirming the name/contact information of who’s in each room, details of where to check in, how to check in, where to park, etc.

COVID Guidelines: Wearing masks in campus buildings is highly encouraged, regardless of vaccination status. More details will be added as we are updated by SU.

Campus Housing Rates

Check-in: 1:00pm
Check-out: 10:00am

$59.10/night, no tax

$41.25/night no tax

Required Campus Meals

Note: each person staying in campus housing are required to purchase 2 meals on campus for each night’s stay. This is not required for check-in day or check-out day, so for example, if you check in on August 11 and check out on August 14, 2 meals would need to be purchased on August 12 and two purchased on August 13.

Note: The conference lunch provided on August 12 and the conference banquet provided on August 13 “count” as one of the 2 required meals on those days, so in-person attendees will have to purchase either Breakfast or Dinner on August 12 and either Breakfast or Lunch on August 13.

  • You must choose your meals to add on at the Eventbrite Registration site
  • Need to add more meals than are offered on the Eventbrite Registration site? You are always welcome to show up to the dining area and pay at the door – no difference in price.

Location: Food is served food-court style in the Seattle University Student Center, Cherry Street Market.

Breakfast: $10.80
Lunch: $14.00
Dinner: $16.60

Note: an additional 10.25% sales tax is applied to all food.

How do we get our meals?

From Seattle University: “When each guest checks into the residence hall, we give them their room key, their wi-fi access, and a Conference Card. The Conference Card gets them access into the residence hall exterior doors and the elevators, and also has the meal plan on it.

We program each overnight guest’s card with their specific meal plan. When they get it at check in, it has their specific meals programmed on it.

When they have a meal in the Student Center, the guest will go into the designated food service area and get a tray. They will choose an entrée, side, fountain beverage, and dessert, then bring that to the cashier and hand the cashier their card. The cashier will swipe the card and remove the meal from the card as payment.”

Which building is for Campus Housing?

Bellarmine Hall will be the location for all conference attendees who choose to stay at Seattle University Campus Housing. Conveniently located near the center of campus. (Map location: B3)

Are there rooms with private restrooms?

No. The description of the rooms: “Rooms include sinks, mirrors, cabinets, desks, compact refrigerator/microwave, and wardrobes.”